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Eligator L-Glutamine Micronized 300g | 30 Servings


  • Eligator L-glutamine powder is made with 100% micronized glutamine for faster absorption and solubility, leading to better benefits than other glutamine supplements.
  • The product is made in a GMP-certified facility with pure ingredients, meeting the highest standards of quality. It contains no banned products and is as authentic as it gets!
  • Each container has 50 servings of the powder, with each serving comprising 5 grams of glutamine, which is the recommended daily dosage.
  • It comes in two varied flavors, namely mango and orange, to ensure that it not only supports your body but also tastes good.
  • This safe and effective supplement can help with protein synthesis in the muscle and can boost muscle recovery to help you endure better. 
  • Eligator L-glutamine can be mixed with 8-12 ounces of water or your favorite beverage and can be consumed before or after your workout.

If you want to boost your immunity and support your fitness routine, then Eligator L-glutamine micronized 300 g supplement is the right fit for you! 

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid that is produced by the body from the food we eat to prevent damage to red blood cells. Although glutamine is produced by our body for regular needs, when you are following an intense fitness routine, you might need an L-glutamine supplement packed with essential amino acids that play an essential role in muscle protein synthesis.

Eligator L-Glutamine Micronized 300g

 Eligator L-glutamine supplement is made with a micronization process that minimizes the particular size, making the supplement more soluble and easy for the body to absorb. It is great for immunity and gut health and also reduces muscle breakdown. 

The powder comes in a 300-gram container, with each scoop consisting of 5 grams of glutamine. You can consume this mixture regularly to improve your athletic performance. The supplement is designed for athletes, bodybuilders, and people who follow a keto diet. 

Eligator L-glutamine micronized contains essential amino acids and is an authentic supplement that is easy to digest and absorb in the body. The container weighs 300 grams and contains 30 servings, and it is recommended to consume one scoop of 5 grams daily with 8-12 ounces of water for best results. 

All About L Glutamine Supplement

Eligator L-glutamine powder helps in muscle recovery and reduces the breakdown of muscles, making it an ideal pre and post-workout drink. With two delicious flavors – mango and orange, the supplement not only supports your body but also satisfies your taste buds. The L-glutamine powder provides all the amino acids needed to support the immune system and help you heal faster in case of muscle injury. 

If you suffer from some health condition, are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before taking the supplement. Do not take the powder in quantities more than the recommended dosage without consulting your nutrition expert. 

Manufacturer Details 

Brand- Eligator Nutrition

Manufacturer- Medglobe Therapeutics Ltd (Unit – A)

Raipur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Packed and Shipped By- Medglobe Therapeutics Ltd (Unit – B)

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm

300 Grams


Mango, Orange




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Eligator L-Glutamine Micronized 300g | 30 Servings
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