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Eligator Deca Drol (Extreme Mass Builder) 60 Tablets


  • Deca Drol mass gainer is the ultimate solution for weight gain management and muscle gain, especially for athletes and weightlifters.
  • It provides essential support to build muscle mass and increase endurance levels, helping you perform better in your workouts and athletic activity.
  • It contains active ingredients, like arginine and glutamine, that promote muscle growth and muscle recovery after a workout session.
  • The mass gainer increases endurance levels that can help you train better and harder gradually. 
  • The supplement comes in a container of 60 tablets, and you can consume two tablets a day with your meals to see results and feel a difference in your strength training sessions.
  • This mass builder helps you achieve a natural desired physical state with the help of potent ingredients that promote stamina, strength, and muscle recovery, which eventually helps you achieve your fitness and bodybuilding goals. 

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Are you trying your best to build muscle mass but are unable to? Well, building muscles is not easy, and you need to complement your strength training and workouts with the right diet and supplements like Deca Droll. This is why we have formulated an extreme mass-builder supplement with exceptional mass-building capabilities. 

Eligator Deca Drol (Extreme Mass Builder)

Deca Drol is designed to boost strength and promote muscle recovery after a workout session. It helps you transform your physique and supports muscle growth and endurance levels. The supplement comes in the form of tablets and is an essential addition to your diet if you are working on gaining weight or building muscles. This extreme mass builder contains active ingredients that support muscle growth and strengthen your body for better gym performance and overall body weight. 

Deca Drol mass builder is created to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve a natural state by increasing muscle hardness and providing the right amount of pump. This gainer supplement comes in a container of 60 tablets with a recommended dosage of 2 tablets a day. Made with ingredients like l arginine and glutamine, this formula can help you build muscles with a quicker healing and recovery process. 

All About Deca Drol (Extreme Mass Builder)

Eligator’s mass builder tablets can help you see a difference in your strength and physique within few weeks and can support your body in lifting heavier weights gradually. You can consume the tablets with your meals and complement them with a healthy, protein-filled diet to see results with your workouts. It helps you work on your physique and gradually increase strength with each workout. The supplement is an addition to a healthy diet and training regime and can be effective when consumed with nutritious meals. The mass builder has added vitamins and minerals and uses safe and authentic ingredients, making it fit for anyone who wants to gain muscle mass. 

It is advised to consult your physicians before consuming these tablets if you have a health condition, are pregnant, or are below 18 years of age. 

Manufacturer Details

Brand- Eligator Nutrition

Manufacturer- Medglobe Therapeutics Ltd (Unit – A)

Raipur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Packed and Shipped By- Medglobe Therapeutics Ltd (Unit – B)


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Eligator Deca Drol (Extreme Mass Builder) 60 Tablets
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