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If you are looking for a stack for weight management then, Eligator Cutting Stack is all you need. The Eligator Cutting stack has whey protein powder, weight management supplements, pre-workout, and  L-carnitine.  This combo is the most recommended for weight management goals.

Eligator Cutting Stack

 The isolate whey protein powder Iso-Cool is easy to digest with maximum absorption. It increases the level of fullness and aids in weight management. Pre-workout supplement, Eligator Pre Workout will induce the extra dose of energy needed to maximize performance during workouts giving better and faster results. Eligator Thermo Cut weight management capsules boost metabolism and support the fat-burning process. The best cutting stack by Eligator also contains L-Carnitine which aids muscle recovery and reduces muscle soreness after and during the workout. The L-carnitine is an amino acid that completes the stack by adding its recovery benefits. 

The Eligator cutting stack is best consumed by athletes, individuals with weight management goals, sportsmen, and fitness enthusiasts. 

It includes the following supplements-

It also comes with a robust and highly functional shaker for mixing the supplements in water or milk. 

All about Best Cutting Stack

The Eligator Cutting Stack is the best cutting stack for weight management goals. Following are the supplements and their information.

  • Eligator Iso Cool Isolate Whey Protein Powder- Iso whey protein isolate is one of the best whey protein isolates that supports the aim of having a lean and toned body. With 0 sugar and 27g of pure protein per scoop, the whey protein powder contains essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, and BCAA to facilitate better absorption and muscle recovery. Each container consists of 67 servings with a recommendation to take 1-2 scoops every day in 180-200 ml of water or milk. 
  • Eligator Thermo Cut Weight Management Capsules- Eligator thermo cut 90 capsules are formulated by mixing the right ingredients, that can help to reach your weight management goals and weight loss diet goals faster and also sustain them in the long run. The Eligator Thermo Cut comes in a container of 90 capsules, with three capsules per daily serving size, and each serving supplements your body needs to boost metabolism and function better and longer.
  • Eligator Pre-Workout- The best pre-workout supplement by Eligator is a high-quality supplement for supporting your workout goals by giving you the push and energy needed to pull the hard sessions and up your fitness game. ach scoop is 8 grams and consuming it by mixing it in 350 ml of cold water is best suggested by health professionals. The pre-workout for women and men contains 14 highly effective ingredients to maximize your performance. It also contains 4.2 g of Beta-Alanine, 2.0 grams of L-Citrulline, and 1.0 grams of L-Arginine. 
  • Eligator L-Carnitine 3500 mg- The Eligator L-Carnitine 3500 mg comes in liquid form with 30 servings per container. The 450 ml supplement helps delay muscle fatigue and enhances performance and endurance levels. It also supports weight management goals. Eligator L-Carnitine 3500 mg liquid has zero sugar and is a high-quality, premium, and authentic nutraceutical supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and sportsmen. Each serving is one tablespoon of 15 ml containing L-carnitine, L-carnitine tartrate, and natural flavors along with other ingredients. 

Manufacturer Details 

Brand- Eligator Nutrition

Manufacturer- Medglobe Therapeutics Ltd (Unit – A)

Raipur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Packed and Shipped By- Medglobe Therapeutics Ltd (Unit – B)


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Eligator Cutting Stack
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