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Learn All About the Best Weight Gaining Stack

Have you heard about stacking your supplements but have no idea what it means? Well, a supplement stack is designed for fitness enthusiasts to help provide more nutrients to the muscles and make it easier to meet their fitness goals. Supplement stacks can be in many forms, and the most common of them is a weight-gaining stack, which can include many products, including pre-workout powders. 

Weight-gaining stacks include a group of supplements that can work together to improve energy and endurance levels while working out, which can help in building muscles while gaining weight. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Supplement Stack?

Stacking supplements can have many advantages for your body and can contribute to your fitness goals in a better way. Sometimes, combining supplements can make them work better than taking them individually. Stacks help to utilize the right pairings and connections to make the most of the supplements and leave each compound powerful. 

What Should be Included in a Weight-Gaining Stack? 

A weight-gaining or muscle-building stack should include the following effective supplements –

  • Weight gainers or mass gainers – This not only helps in building muscles but also in gaining weight by providing the right fuel in the form of calories. Anyone who finds it challenging to increase their calorie intake by eating more can resort to authentic supplements.
  • Whey protein – It allows your body to quickly recover after a workout session, which helps you perform better in the gym and enhances your endurance levels.
  • Creatine – Your skeletal muscle tissues contain 95% creatine, and supplementing the body with proper creatine supplements can increase the phosphocreatine PC stores and can allow you to have a larger and longer work volume, which can help you build muscles faster. 
  • Glutamine – This amino acid helps remove waste products from the bloodstream and helps speed up the recovery process by repairing the muscle tissues after an intense training session. 

What are the Risks of Consuming Supplement Stacks? 

While supplement stacks are a smart way to maximize the effect of the supplements and fuel your body, the risks can vary depending on the ingredients used and your health condition. While combining stacks, you should avoid the following pairings to minimize the risk of side effects –

  • Magnesium and calcium
  • Zinc and copper
  • Potassium and calcium
  • Iron and green tea 
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K

Apart from this, it is recommended to consult your physician in case of some underlying health conditions to be on the safe side. 

What are the Best Supplement Stacks, and Where to Buy Them From? 

Combining supplements to form a stack on your own can be a task. That is why there are many supplement stack options available in the market, and you can opt for the best-suited ones. Below are some of the best supplement stacks you can go for –

Eligator Cutting Stack 

If you want to manage weight faster and lose weight by improving your metabolism rate, then you can choose the Eligator cutting stack, which includes –

  • Thermo Cut Capsules

This complete weight management formula cranks up your body’s metabolism to reduce fat and improve the overall body composition. It also helps to control and curb your appetite to reduce calorie intake and be in a calorie deficit. 

  • Whey Protein ISO Cool Powder

This high protein, fat-free supplement can help you stay lean and toned by allowing your body to quickly digest the ingredients and restore energy while promoting lean muscle gain. It also contains naturally occurring BCAA & EAA, along with low fat & carbs. 

  • Pre-Workout Powder

This pre-workout supplement helps you perform better in the gym and increases your strength and intensity levels by providing your body with instant energy. The powder contains highly effective ingredients for better focus and muscle pumps and also contains varied flavor options. 

  • L-Carnitine 

L-carnitine transforms fats into muscles and aids fat burning. The supplement provides muscle support and increases the transformation of fatty acids in your cells for an instant energy boost. 

Eligator Gaining Stack

A weight-gaining stack is a combination of supplements that can help in healthy weight gain while building muscle mass. Eligator’s gaining stack is the best weight-gaining stack and it includes supplements like –

  • Deca Drol

Deca Drol is an extreme massbuilder with ingredients like l-arginine and creatine that are specifically formulated for bodybuilders and athletes. It helps to increase muscle hardness and provides the right pump to transform your physique. The formula also aids in muscle recovery and a quicker healing process.

  • BCAA Plus

This high-quality supplement boosts endurance, strength, and recovery while providing the perfect blend of BCAA, l-glutamine, and l-citrulline. It supports intensive workouts and reduces muscle fatigue after a training session. The supplement also comes in different flavor options, making it a delicious drink for daily consumption.

  • High Protein Weight Gainer

The best protein formula for your muscle-building and weight gain goals, this supplement is rich in high-protein content that helps with muscle protein synthesis. If you want to improve your body composition, you can consume this protein formula that contains slow-acting protein for sustained energy levels. 

  • Milk Thistle Extracts 

This herbal formula detoxifies the body and helps with liver health. The milk thistle extracts boosts metabolism and is rich in antioxidants to help with better digestion. The wellness supplement contains milk thistle extracts in the form of 80% silymarin and provides energy and carbs. 

Eligator Muscle Building Stack

The muscle-building stack can help you gain lean mass while protecting your muscles from damage and replenishing the muscle tissues. Here are the supplements that make our muscle-building stack the best in the market –

  • Daily Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

No matter your fitness goals, multivitamins and minerals are essential to promote overall body health. Eligator multivitamins and minerals tablets are concentrated with 25 nutrients that promote energy levels while building immunity. If you lead an active lifestyle and want to build muscle mass, you can consume these tablets that provide daily vitamin intake while promoting athletic performance. 

  • L-Arginine

Consuming EAAs can be a beneficial way to promote protein synthesis and repair body tissues. This supplement contains essential amino acids that are needed for muscle recovery and growth. With ingredients like calcium, l-arginine, and l-citruline, the supplement can increase your workout performance for muscle-building goals. 

  • Whey Ultra Micro Filtered

The best formula for muscle recovery & gains, the whey ultra micro-filtered supplement contains 30 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of BCAAs. This whey protein formula can fuel your workouts, and the calcium, iron, and magnesium found in the supplement support bones, muscle, and nerve functions. 

  • Eligator Pre-workout 

Pre-workout powders are an essential part of the muscle-building stack and give you the perfect amount of energy to sustain through intense workouts. It is available in tasty flavors and includes vitamins, beta-alanine, and other ingredients that also support overall health. 


Thus, combining the right supplements to create a stack can help you reach your fitness goals effectively and sustainably. You can find all these supplements and our curated stacks for weight gain, weight management, and building muscles at Eligator Nutrition. The supplements are made with pure, authentic ingredients, and these supplements come in delicious flavors.

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