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Best Mass & Weight Gainer Supplement to Get the Desired Body

For all those who are looking to fit into their dream body and need the best mass gainer or weight gainer to reach the goal, worry no more! You have landed on the right blog to know all about the best mass gainer protein and the best weight gainer supplement.

But before we dive deep into the same, let’s understand what a mass gainer and weight gainer supplement does.

What is a Mass Gainer Protein Supplement and Weight Gainer Supplement?

A mass gainer protein supplement is a dietary supplement that enables athletes, bodybuilders, and other individuals to gain weight in the form of muscle mass.

These supplements mainly consist of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins, calories, and flavor (naturally derived).

A weight gainer supplement is very similar to a mass gainer supplement but it contains more calories to allow individuals with a fast metabolism to gain weight that they are not able to do through a natural process or diet.

Both supplements are very similar but the ingredients and quantity differ to cater to individualistic and differentiated goals. The weight gainer composition contains high calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals vitamins, and flavor (naturally derived).

Comparison Between Mass Gainer Protein Supplement and Weight Gainer Supplement

The newbies of the bodybuilding domain often confuse the two supplements and consume them interchangeably. Hence, Global Nutrition is charting out the difference between them to bring more clarity to the minds of the athletes and bodybuilders.

  • Calorie Count: The calorie count in mass gainers is generally between 300- 1200 calories. The weight gainer mostly has a calorie count above 1000 per serving.
  • Protein Content: This is an essential difference point, in weight gainer supplements, protein content is moderate for muscle growth and repair. In mass gainer supplements, the protein content will be higher as the focus lies on building muscle mass.
  • Fat Content: The weight gainer supplements will include healthy fat content, but in the mass gainer, the fat content constitution is only for providing energy.
  • Goal Orientation: The goal orientation for weight gainers is to gain weight in the form of muscle mass, whereas the mass gainers are for those who wish to have muscle development.
  • Serving: The weight gainer supplements will have a larger serving size compared to the mass gainer protein supplement.

It is a must to consult a healthcare professional before taking any of the above supplements. They will guide you about supplement consumption as per your goal and current body needs by determining the duration of the same.

All You Must Know About Mass Gainer Protein Supplements

Before consuming mass gainer supplements, make sure you have read the points below that will tell you all about mass gainer protein supplements.

  • Mass gainer supplements enable individuals to gain muscle mass in their body composition
  • Calorie Intake: Most mass gainer protein supplements have a calorie count between 300-1200 to provide needed calories to consumers especially those who have an energetic and on-the-go schedule.
  • Protein Source: Mass Gainers have a significant constitution of protein in the form of whey concentrate, isolate, casein, or blends.
  • Carbohydrates: The Mass Gainers have carbohydrates to help replenish glycogen stores in the muscles.
  • Fats: Mass Gainer supplement includes healthy fats to support bodily goals.
  • Vitamin and Minerals: The majority of mass gainers have added vitamins and minerals to give the needed nutrition to the body along with meals.
  • Meals and Mass Gainers: It is essential to understand that mass gainer supplements are not meal replacement deals. They are to be consumed as per the healthcare professional directions with regular meals.
  • Consumers: Mass gainer supplements can be consumed by bodybuilders. athletes, and individuals with muscle-building goals.
  • Consultation- You must consult with a healthcare professional before consuming mass gainer protein supplements.
  • Serving Size- Every mass gainer brand and supplement has a different serving size, however, the idea is to take not more than 2 servings a day.

All You Must Know About Weight Gainer Supplements

Weight gainer supplements provide an option to individuals who are unable to gain weight by infusing them with calories to gain weight healthily. Weight gainer supplements should be consumed by individuals, bodybuilders, or athletes who are struggling to gain a healthy weight and reach their optimal body goals.

Below is a list of essentials you must know before choosing and consuming weight gainer supplements.

  • Calorie Boost: A weight gainer supplement can provide more than 1000 calories per serving to facilitate gaining weight.
  • Carbohydrates: These supplements are rich in carbohydrates to provide energy and support high-intensity workouts.
  • Protein: Weight gainers have a protein composition lower than mass gainers. It contains protein to support muscle mass.
  • Fats: Healthy fats like medium-chain triglyceride provide extra calories and act as a source of energy.
  • Users and Consumers: Those who are not able to gain weight through diet and other processes, generally opt for weight gainer supplements. This leads to rapid healthy weight gain.
  • Short-Term Consumption: It is essential to know, that weight gainers are not a long-term solution or should not be consumed for more than the determined period by a healthcare professional.
  • Regular Routine: Weight Gainers alone cannot do wonders, it is important to take weight gainer supplements with a regular diet and intense exercise routine.

The Best Weight Gainer Supplement and Best Mass Gainer Protein

If you have the relevant information about the two supplements now, then the next step is to know the best weight gainer supplement and the best mass gainer protein in the market.

Checklist to choose the best

  • Is the product aligning with your goal
  • Check the calorie count and micronutrients to know the supplement better.
  • Read about the carbohydrate being used a complex carb like oats is preferred.
  • Ensure that the fats included are healthy only.
  • Consider serving size and servings per container and match it with your recommended consumption pattern.
  • Ensure that there is transparency in the ingredients listed.
  • Before purchasing any supplement, look at the reviews of the supplements.
  • A recommendation from the healthcare professional about the dosage and need is a must.

List of Best Supplements – Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

The nutraceutical brand Eligator has the best mass gainer protein supplement and the best weight gainer supplement. Here is a list of the same.

Why Choose Eligator Supplements?

Eligator nutraceutical supplements are manufactured to provide the best results with high-quality, premium ingredients built and composed with the suggestions of healthcare professionals and experts.

Aimed at providing a source of achieving physique goals, the brand is a reputed, high-delivering nutraceutical supplement organization maintaining absolute transparency and authenticity about its supplement products.


If you are looking to gain weight or build muscles then choosing the right supplement and brand with the correct composition is essential. Ensure that you tick the checklist provided before purchasing the best mass gainer protein or best weight gainer to make an informed purchase. Also, do check out the Eligator gainers for consuming authentic supplements that provide optimal results. Align the product purchase with your goal to see effective results.

Consult a healthcare professional before deciding to consume these supplements and ask for the correct dosage as per your body type and requirements.

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