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How to Use BCAAs for Maximum Impact on Body?

How to Use BCAAs for Maximum Impact on Body

BCAAs is a common term, especially in the fitness world, and they are often called the “building blocks of protein.” But why are BCAAs so important, and how can you supplement your diet with these amino acids? We will discuss everything about BCAAs in this blog to help you use them for maximum results.

What are Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

Everybody needs 20 amino acids to rebuild and grow new muscles. The body can produce eleven of these amino acids itself. From the other nine, three are called the “essential trio” and are crucial for maintaining essential muscle mass. These three amino acids – isoleucine, valine, and leucine – are called branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Of these three, leucine is quintessential for muscle protein synthesis, and since it diminishes during exercise, you need to use BCAA supplements to support the muscle-building process. The best BCAA supplement is the one that provides a perfect mix of these three amino acids, along with other nutrients for muscle growth.  

What are the Common Benefits of BCAA Supplements?

Infographics about What are the Common Benefits of BCAA Supplements

Whether you perform hardcore training sessions or are into short HIIT sessions, BCAAs are for anyone and everyone. There are numerous benefits of taking the best BCAA supplement, some of which are –

1. A high-protein diet can help you consume all the essential amino acids needed to build muscles. Food options, like meats, eggs, and dairy, can lead to a well-rounded diet, but it is not always possible to keep track of your nutrition. In such a scenario, BCAA supplements can be an easy and convenient way to fulfill your muscle-building needs.

2. According to various research data, BCAAs can fight the rate at which you tire from your workout sessions. When your body is low on BCAAs, you might feel fatigued early in your exercise session. BCAAs are used as fuel by the immune cells in the body, and they can lead to better immunity levels. Thus, the best BCAA supplements can contribute to the intensity, duration, and fitness levels by restoring the tryptophan levels. 

3. BCAAs have shown to reduce your DOMS, and consuming the right supplement can help you reduce the chances of delayed onset muscle soreness. Less muscle soreness can lead to better recovery and reduced muscle damage.

4. Did you know that BCAA supplements can reduce excess fat and normalize visceral fat? Supplementation of BCAA, especially leucine with glutamine, can help overweight people burn fat more efficiently by increasing their metabolism rate.

5. Isoleucine and leucine have been shown to regulate blood sugar through the release of insulin, making them beneficial for diabetics. BCAA supplements can control sugar levels and aid in the digestion of dietary nutrients by promoting anabolic processes. 

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What are the Best BCAA Supplement Options in the Market? 

Now that we know how essential BCAA supplementation is, let’s talk about some of the best amino acid products that you can go for –

  • Eligator BCAA plus 30 servings
Best BCAA Plus Amino Acid By Eligator Nutrition

Formulated with the optimum 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, this supplement can help you maximize every minute of your training sessions. This BCAA plus supplement helps enhance muscle growth and reduce fatigue. The powder acts as a healthy add-on to your diet, and each serving contains 11 grams of BCAA, which can be taken as a pre or post-workout drink. The supplement caters not only to your muscle-building needs but also to your taste buds with exciting flavors. 

  • Eligator EAA plus BCAA and Glutamine
EAA Plus BCAA and Glutamine

Being one of the best BCAA supplements, this formula contains all essential and non-essential amino acids with glutamine, acting as the perfect package for fitness enthusiasts. It boosts immunity levels and promotes muscle recovery, which can help you perform better in the gym. Each serving contains a balance of all the amino acid profiles to help you build muscles while boosting your overall health. 

  • Eligator pro amino liquid 
Eligator Nutrition Best Amino Acid

The amino liquid supplement by Eligator Nutrition is the ultimate choice for people who want their drinks to taste good while being healthy. Who wouldn’t want to consume amino acids in a liquid cola blast flavor, right? The supplement contains amino acids, BCAAs, and other ingredients, like vitamin B6, to provide nutrients for training. The liquid, fat-free formulation helps in better absorption and optimal muscle recovery. 

Are you wondering where you can find these amino acid supplements? You can visit our website at Eligator Nutrition to take a detailed look at the products before deciding on the right option. 

Five BCAA Consumption Mistakes to Avoid for Maximum Results

Although most people like to include the best BCAA supplements in their diet, very few people know how to use BCAAs properly. Here are five mistakes you might make as a BCAA user that you need to avoid for maximum results –

1. Not following the proper BCAA ratio – Many people believe that since leucine is the critical ingredient, consuming larger quantities of amino acid can lead to better muscle-building results. 

Sadly, this is not how it works, and you need the optimum ratio of all three elements. While leucine is an essential, valine builds endurance, and isoleucine promotes fat loss. Thus, you should notice the BCAA ratio and only choose the supplement with the correct ratio of 2:1:1.

2. Not focusing on protein intake – Since BCAAs bring amino acids to the muscle and help in the muscle gain process, people think they can cut down on their protein intake. 

You need to take enough protein in your diet even when you are consuming the best BCAA supplements, as they only contain the three amino acids, but protein-rich foods have a more balanced profile. 

3. Not adhering to the right consumption time – Many people think that BCAAs can be consumed at any time, and timing is not a critical factor in determining the results.

Well, there are certain rules while taking BCAA supplements, which are as follows – 

  • The best time to take BCAA supplements for weight managemnet 

The best BCAA supplements for cutting or losing weight should be taken during times of fasting. This is because when your body is in a calorie deficit, it will use fat and muscle tissue for energy. Consuming a BCAA serving at this time can replenish glycogen stores in the body. 

  • The best time to take BCAA supplements for muscle gain

If you are a regular hardcore trainer and are focused on building muscles, then BCAA products should be taken either during or after the workout session. This is because BCAAs help build muscles and repair muscle tissues after an intense exercise. The effects of consuming BCAAs are at peak around 30 to 60 minutes after consumption, and you can decide the timing accordingly. 

4. Taking it as a weight management potion – Although BCAAs have properties that support fat loss, they cannot be treated as a magic potion for weight management. BCAAs optimize your snack attack, but they do not have the thermogenic properties of a weight management supplement. Thus, you should consume BCAAs for better muscle growth, which can lead to higher metabolism.

5. Avoiding other supplements – A lot of individuals ignore other essential supplements in their fitness journey when they start taking BCAA supplements.

You need to consume a perfect supplement stack containing whey protein, a pre-workout powder, and a fat burner, along with BCAAs, to see the maximum impact. Each supplement has its role in the body, and BCAA supplements are not meant to fulfill all the needs. 

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What is the Optimum BCAA Dosage? 

Now that we have discussed the right time for taking BCAA supplements let’s learn how much BCAA is enough for different fitness needs. 

  • Dosage for women

Women with a gym schedule should consume 3 to 5 grams of BCAAs daily. This can be achieved by consuming the supplement once or twice a day. If you are doing intense training, the dosage should be increased to up to 12 grams a day.

  • Dosage for men

Men should consume the best BCAA supplement dosage of 15 to 20 grams daily. If you follow a hectic workout regime, BCAA supplements can be taken 5-7 times a day to take the total daily consumption to 25 to 35 grams. 

  • Dosage for weight loss

BCAAs can help people with weight issues by curbing their appetite and helping with intense training sessions. If your main goal is weight loss, you can consume 4 to 6 grams of BCAAs daily. 

  • Dosage for bodybuilding

For bodybuilding, leucine is the most important amino acid, and it should be consumed as 16 mg per kg of body weight. The ratio for valine is the same as leucine, and as for isoleucine, you should consume at least 10 mg per kg of body weight for best muscle gain results. Along with this, a rich protein profile in the form of diet or dietary supplements is also essential to reach your goals. 

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In conclusion, BCAA supplements have various benefits for your overall health, and when taken correctly, they can help you reach your fitness targets effectively. You can use this detailed guide to learn about BCAA consumption and use our recommendations to find the best BCAA supplement

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